We assist taxpayers who are not in compliance with past tax periods in an effort to clear up their tax problems.

Examples of noncompliance include failure to file tax returns, errors or omissions with previously filed returns, or federal changes requiring changes to New York State tax returns.

The State’s Voluntary Disclosure and Compliance program is available for qualified taxpayers who have not yet been contacted by the State with respect to the tax type and period being disclosed if the State has not already started an investigation in the matter. Most tax types are eligible. If the State accepts the taxpayer’s application, the taxpayer must file and pay the tax and interest for the relevant periods, but all penalties are waived. As an added incentive, the taxpayer may qualify for a three or six-year limited look-back period and protection from criminal referral.  There are risks associated with a voluntary disclosure, and it may not be the best course of action for some taxpayers.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss a possible voluntary disclosure.