It’s hard to argue with the facts. You know, those unbeatable, etched in stone pieces of information that drive an undisputed truth across any boardroom, sports discussion, and end of the quarter financial analysis.

So, have you heard the FACT that hundreds of American and international businesses, as well as high net worth individuals, have moved to Puerto Rico to reap it’s one of a kind financial benefit? What benefits, you ask? Well, the 20 and 22 ACTS of course. Allow me to explain:

Taking advantage of Puerto Rico’s commonwealth status within the United States, businesses can enjoy massive exemptions on federal income tax and reduce their tax rate by as much as 90%. The most attractive programs offered by the Puerto Rican government are Act 20 and Act 22.

Act 20, known as the Export Service Act, aims at certain service businesses by offering incentives such as 4% corporate income tax to qualifying corporations that relocate to the Commonwealth.

Act 22, or the Individual Investors Act, rewards high net worth investors with the promise of 0% tax on interest, dividends and capital gains obtained while residing in Puerto Rico as a bona fide resident.

No other country on earth offers an ROI the way Puerto Rico does. In this world’s wide-growing spectrum of services and emerging industries, your financial success will be directly attributable to the incentives available to you. In order to bolster a diversified economy, the local government has created a one of a kind economic and tax incentives programs with the goal of helping businesses on the island become more profitable to those entities and individuals who establish themselves In Puerto Rico.

In relocating to Puerto Rico, high net-worth individuals are not only able to maximize every dollar of profit, but they also have the absolute certainty that the rates will remain the same for as long as 20 years! There is nothing more conducive to success than a flat low tax rate, and the ability to plan ahead knowing it will not change.

Carlos J. Márquez

Lic. V-3398