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Common-Sense Business Growth

Note: This blog first appeared on By Cheri Giglia You can move forward with confidence when you've got solid financials to fall back on — starting with good bookkeeping and controller services support. Whether you’re planning to add a new line of business, open a new location, or simply upgrade equipment, following these bookkeeping tips will help

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How Long Will Your Legacy Last? by Evan Vladem

Most family fortunes don’t survive to a third generation. Here’s why.   Unlike some quaint adages, the saying “Shirt-sleeves to shirt-sleeves in three generations” seems to have a basis in fact. In “Beating the Midas Curse,” authors Rodney Zeeb and Perry L. Cochell reported that 60 percent of affluent families lose their wealth in the

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The Pandemic Cycling Boom By Martin Buchman

One of the few bright spots of the pandemic has been a blossoming of a new bike boom. Cycling in the US has long been a part of a fitness portfolio for many.  With the success of Lance Armstrong, came a proliferation of the spandex wearing pace lining club riders and fund-raising century rides. However,

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2021 Employment Law Update – What Every Employer Must Know

Every year New York State’s Labor and Employment laws change with the expansion of employee benefits and new laws and regulations which are protective of employee’s rights. Employers must be aware of these changes to ensure their compliance with the laws and make sure that their employees receive the rights and benefits that the

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A Writer’s Point of View During the Pandemic

One night in April 2020, during the depths of the lockdown, Lesli Hiller was at home in New Hyde Park, watching television. “I saw something on the news about 1918 and that epidemic,” she says, “and I said to myself, ‘wait, the diary is from 1918.'” The long-forgotten canvas-bound diary—with the phases of the

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A little bit about Intellectual Property

By Richard Gearhart Intellectual property is frequently referred to as intellectual capital, meaning the intellectual assets of the business. From a legal standpoint, intellectual assets are classified into five categories: patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and know-how. Briefly, patents protect new technology and inventions, trademarks protect brands, copyrights protect original works of expression, such

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