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New York State Taxation of Telecommuters

Where Did You Work During COVID for New York State Tax Purposes? Were you one of the lucky people who got to work from home because of COVID? Do you understand the possible tax implications? If you live and work in different states, you may be subject to taxation in more than one state.

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New York State Law Update: Sexual Harassment Training

As you are hopefully aware, in April 2018, Governor Cuomo signed into law a comprehensive policy requiring all New York State employers to provide sexual harassment prevention training and a sexual harassment prevention policy to all employees. The Governor tasked the Department of Labor (“DOL”) and Division of Human Rights with promulgating the exact requirements,

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EMPLOYMENT LAW UPDATE: New York State’s Paid Family Leave Law

EMPLOYMENT LAW UPDATE:  New York State’s Paid Family Leave Law By:  Jeffrey Naness Overview Employers of all sizes should start preparing for New York’s Paid Family Leave Benefits Law (the “NYPFL Law”). The NYPFL has two components, (1) a provision entitling employees to (partial) wage substitutes while they are out on a covered leave and

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Guest Blog- 3 Ways to Simplify Your Financial Life

3 Ways to Simplify Your Financial Life When life gets busy it’s easy to become more passive about managing your bank accounts and credit cards by letting receipts, bills and statements pile up. Even if you regularly keep up with your finances, it can be beneficial to take a fresh look at them. Simplify your

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Selling goods or services online? What you need to know about New York sales tax.

It is very easy for businesses to sell goods and services online to anyone anywhere. Unfortunately many companies don’t realize that they could be obligated to collect and remit  sales tax to one or more states. Failing to collect and/or remit sales tax can lead to serious consequences. The New York State Department of Taxation

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Guest Blog – Big Changes In The New York Maintenance Laws

In January 2016, a new set of laws will go into effect in New York State.  It is expected that these new laws will add a level of predictability and consistency to post judgment maintenance awards in New York divorce cases. The new maintenance laws adopt a formulaic approach to calculating post judgment maintenance awards. 

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CPAs Top Questions about New York Residency Audits – Part 1

Many Long Island CPAs have clients who are being audited or are at risk of a New York residency audit. Last month several attorneys from the firm presented at the National Conference of CPA Practitioners, 2015 Long Island Tax Professionals Symposium. Our topic was “Two Castles, One Home: The View from Albany on Residency Audits.” Several

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Guest Blog – Top 10 Year End Tax Tips

It is important for taxpayers to understand what their tax liabilities will be for the year and to undertake efforts to lower their tax bill for the year. While certain deductions may be done after the close of the year (primarily contributions to retirement accounts), most tax planning strategies will need to be executed prior

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Are Changes Coming? Part I: Taxing Times for Drivers

Recently, the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance introduced a new Commissioner, Jerry Boone. As the leadership changes, the time could be right for a fresh look at Department policies or procedures. One welcome development would be a modification of the driver’s license suspension program. In 2013, the legislature gave the Department the ability to authorize the

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