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Join us on August 18th, at LIU Post’s Civil & Criminal Tax Controversy Updates – 2016. The LIU program is an annual event for private and government tax professionals to discuss current events and best practices in federal and New York State cases involving criminal and civil tax penalties and enforcement.

We will be giving an update on New York State Tax Collection. Our presentation will cover many of the issues we see frequently in our practice including those involving New York State tax warrants. Often, there may be a federal tax lien and New York State tax warrant in which case, it’s important to determine which one has the priority. Also, there are differences in the rules regarding notice, collection due process, and collection appeal rights that impact taxpayers.

Our presentation includes discussion of the New York State driver’s license suspension program, which allows the state to suspend the driver’s license of delinquent taxpayers who owe more than $10,000. NYS has been very aggressive about imposing this penalty and taxpayers need to respond promptly in order to avoid losing their license. To date, the State has collected $280 million in back taxes so it’s unlikely to ease up on enforcement.

Data sharing issues between the IRS and New York State is another area for tax professionals to understand. Several provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and New York tax law apply.

We hope you can join us at the conference.

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